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Meditation & Yoga Meditation & Yoga


Meditation is the path to making friends with your mind. It enables you to observe the quality and contents of your thoughts and to stay open to the opportunity of a fresh start in every moment

Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga Training: A Self-Guided 2-Part Program is a course designed to help meditators of all levels learn a new approach to meditation or refresh and deepen their existing practice. In the second part of the course, you'll learn how to teach meditation and listen to enriching dharma talks from the teacher that will inspire both your practice and your teaching.

This course offers a unique perspective on mindfulness, meditation & Yoga, intended to make the practice more accessible to everyone.

Meditation & Yoga Meditation & Yoga
Who is this training for?

  • People who have never meditated or never done Yoga before
  • Experienced meditators who would like to learn a new approach to meditation
  • Yoga teachers, school teachers, therapists, social workers, and anyone who wants to offer meditation instruction in a group or one-on-one setting.
Meditation & Yoga Meditation & Yoga


In Part 1, teaches shamatha (which means calm, abiding, or resting in peace), also known as Mindfulness Meditation, as the foundation for cultivating self-knowledge and confidence in your own goodness, insight, and compassion. This part of the course will be your guide for beginning or further developing your personal meditation practice.

What you’ll get in Part 1:

  • Step-by-step mindfulness meditation instruction and explanations of a variety of techniques
  • 4 thought-provoking dharma talks
  • Guidelines for how to build a home meditation practice
  • An explanation of the 3 main benefits of mindfulness practice
  • Step-by-step instructions for Loving-kindness contemplative meditation
  • Assignments to help you commit to your practice
  • Definitions of basic terms and concepts from Buddhist philosophy
Meditation & Yoga

  • In Part 2, you’ll learn how to guide others in meditation. It teaches you how to offer meditation
  • instruction, how to structure and confidently deliver a 5-minute dharma talk, how to field questions, and how to lead group discussions.

What you’ll get in Part 2:

  • A detailed review of meditation instruction and practice
  • 2 inspiring dharma talks
  • Instructions for how to write a dharma talk
  • Probing questions to help you think about what you want to share with your students
  • Assignments to help you integrate the guidance offered and self-study opportunities to enhance your learning process
  • Anecdotes that apply Buddhist philosophy to real-life situations
  • Frequently asked questions that mindfulness meditation teachers get (and their answers!)
  • To enhance your training experience, you'll have the opportunity to join a DD’s private Facebook group where you can study, share, and connect with other students.

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Meditation & Yoga

Yoga Instructors


Upali Senarath

L . A Chandrekanthi
Meditation & Yoga Meditation & Yoga