1:1 Coaching

one to one Coaching
one to one Coaching
one to one Coaching
one to one Coaching

If you are willing to work alone with our coaches, our 1:1 coaching sessions are designed just for you. We also can run our Pitch-Vision instant replay system to give you conclusive feedback on your game along with ways to improve and eventually become a better cricketer.

This program is precisely designed for cricketers playing at the leading level at schools or at their clubs. Successful completion of the programme will provide a high level of cricket skills, fitness, and self-discipline. It is focused on acquiring and mastering critical technical and game sense to boost performance.

Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Age group: 10 years and above


  • Complete batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket keeping Master class sessions delivered by expert coaches accredited by Cricket Australia and Sri Lanka Cricket boards.
  • Special strength and conditioning program for fitness testing and profiling of all participants.
  • Multi-angle player analysis with detailed reports focusing on injury prevention and performance improvement.
  • Reports and presentations on all technical and physical aspects of the game.
  • Nutritionist presentation and meal planning for players.
  • Delivered for any club or school with our first-class coaching and equipment either at your location or at our training facility.
  • Access to intensive cricket training using international coaching equipment and activities for rapid performance.
  • Flexibility in tailoring a program to suit the needs of players and groups.