DD Girls

cricket girls
cricket girls
cricket girls

A unique program aimed to develop the finest female cricketers in the country. This course is delivered by coaches who are experienced in training female cricketers of various teams. This program improves players in a quick time and sharpens their psychological take on the game.

Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Age group: 10 years and above

  • A unique coaching program covering female specific batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping.
  • Multi-angle player analysis with detailed reports focusing on injury prevention and performance improvement.
  • Reports and presentations on all technical and physical aspects of the game.
  • Access to modern coaching aids and equipment used by professional women cricketers.
  • Match analysis for quick improvement in game sense development.
  • Access to intensive cricket training using international coaching equipment and activities for rapid performance.
  • Expert cricket coaching delivered at your location or at our center with all facilities.

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