Workshops and Fitness Camps

fitness camp
fitness camp
fitness camp

Workshops and Fitness Camps
We conduct various fitness programs focusing on different elements in physical fitness such as speed, agility, power, balance and endurance which are required for the modern game. These programs are structured to enhance the fitness levels at different age groups and skill levels. Also the programs will focus on injury prevention and recovery which are being overlooked in many programs.

  • Level: Juniors till Elite
  • Age group: All age groups
  • Power and balance for fast bowling
  • Agility and flexibility playing spin
  • Building base and power for power hitting

DD Cricket Workshops & Fitness Camps are an independent startup created with a mission to inspire you to get active while providing credible health and fitness information all under one roof. We believe in the benefits of an active lifestyle and provide you with the resources on how to stay fit to counteract the effects of sedentary living.


As the first and only independent platform that unites partners from the health and fitness eco-system across Sri Lanka, we are in a unique position to curate credible and innovative programs for your unique staff requirements. Whether it is a de-stressing Pranayama/Yoga session, a self-defense/creative dance workshop that synergize the team, or an informative talk that catalyzes your staff into healthy lifestyle and dietary modifications, we are able to offer your organization a program unmatched by any other.


Want to experience a unique hiking journey with your friends or colleagues? A beach activity, an outdoor excursion immersing yourself in nature while experiencing fun adrenaline games? Research gives us enough evidence that a well-developed corporate outbound training program translates well into experiential learning that helps increase productivity and divergent thinking in the workspace while giving your staff a much needed break from the grind.

Wherever your interests and objective lie, we can offer a unique program tailor-made for you and your team

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