High Performance

Roberto Wilkins
High Performance
High Performance

This program is specifically designed for cricketers playing at the elite level at schools or at their clubs. Successful completion of the programme will deliver a high level of cricket skills, fitness, and self-discipline. It is focused on acquiring and mastering critical technical and game sense to optimize performance.

Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Age group: 10 years and above

  • Complete batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket keeping Master class sessions delivered by expert coaches accredited by Cricket Australia and Sri Lanka Cricket boards.
  • Special strength and conditioning program for fitness testing and profiling of all participants.
  • Multi-angle player analysis with detailed reports focusing on injury prevention and performance improvement.
  • Reports and presentations on all technical and physical aspects of the game.
  • Nutritionist presentation and meal planning for players.
  • Delivered for any club or school with our first-class coaching and equipment either at your location or at our training facility.
  • Access to intensive cricket training using international coaching equipment and activities for rapid performance.
  • Flexibility in tailoring a program to suit the needs of players and groups

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