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Various Bowling machine types

We use latest type of bowling machines which are used by international teams and specially made junior bowling machines to cater junior players as well. All these machines are equipped with latest technology, which can produce fast, swing and spin bowling variations. These machines enable players to enhance their reaction time, hand eye coordination and mindful repetition which is required for enhancing their batting skills.

Floodlit Indoor cricket nets

Our Indoor cricket nets are constructed in line with the international cricketing standards for practicing throughout the year. It includes five floodlit cricket nets with different surfaces, which simulates different playing conditions. By exposing players to these conditions it promotes them to adjust their techniques and strategies, which is one of the requirements of the modern day cricketer.

Video recording and analysis systems

We use the latest analysis software and apps used by international teams, which enables to pin point technical errors on real-time. This feature enables the players to review & track their performance along with our coaches for better performance during games. Also our match analysis software tracks team performance as well as individual performances during games, which helps players and coaches to develop their game planes & strategies for future games.

Indoor Fielding & Fitness Area

Complete 3600Sq ft area specially designed for carrying out all warm up drills, fitness activities and fielding drills with floodlights, which enables to conduct sessions during any time of the day. This area has been built using a special rubber surface, which stimulate the same experience of a cricket ground, which enables players to practice during any weather condition without any interruption.

Modern cricket training aids

We use latest training aids for our drills, which help to enhance different components required for cricket. This equipment will vary from building a simple balanced batting stance to hitting a six with minimum effort. All our coaching programs include this modern equipment, which helps in developing the flexible and strong cricketer of the future.

Fitness Center

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