The world we live in can be a dangerous place. There are many instances of assault and abuse reported daily in the media, and people often feel unsafe to even walk down the street they live in at night.

Due to this, we get a lot of requests from people who desperately want to learn self-defense techniques in a short period of time but are unable to attend our normal long-term group classes.

The Rapid Practical Self Defense Course was designed and developed as a solution to this recurring problem. The course covers the fundamentals of survival, focusing on situational awareness and escaping to gain safety. The techniques taught here are designed to facilitate the users escape from potentially dangerous situations almost instantly, after neutralizing the threat.

The course duration is usually 20 hours, which can be spread out to a few days according to the your preference and our availability. The course is conducted privately for an individual or a select group of participants.

Call us or contact us to book a program.

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